Ziarat Ashura Calendar

As the first Ashra of Muharram comes to a close, we return to our daily routines. We no longer attend daily majalis, and we don’t cry for the Ahlul Bayt every single day. We return to our normal lives after Ashura – but the family of Imam Hussain (AS) does not.

We must remember. Every day, we should have a moment of reflection, even if we aren’t attending majalis every day.

For myself, I am committing to reciting Ziarat Ashura every day until Arbaeen, inshallah. I plan to recite it out loud near my daughter so that she can hear it too, even though she is too young to understand its significance.

For children who are old enough to understand its significance AND can recite Ziarat Ashura, this can be a good way to remember Imam Hussain (AS) and his family and companions every day for the next forty days.

For children who can understand the significance but may be too young to recite Ziarat Ashura daily, they can listen to a recitation of it. This is my favorite recitation.

If nothing else, children can recite the part of the ziarat that is to be recited 100 times, which you can download here in a small card to cut out and keep handy. This will at least get them in the practice of reciting Ziarat for Imam Hussain (AS) every day, until they are old enough to recite it in its entirety.

According to duas.org, Ziarat Ashura is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a solution to all major problems if it is recited every day for forty days. Further benefits of Ziarat Ashura can be found here.

A FREE download of a Ziarat Ashura calendar to keep track of your daily recitation for forty days is available in the Resource Library – sign up below to access it!

If you have already signed up, you can enter the library HERE. Click on “Muharram and Safar,” and click on the version you want under “Ziarat Ashura Calendar.” Version 1 has 40 days numbered with no dates, so you can start at any time, but if you are starting on Muharram 11, Version 2 lists all the dates for your convenience. You can use a sticker or color in each box as you recite Ziarat Ashura on that day to help you keep track of your recitations.

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