Allah is Always Watching

On Shab-e-Ashur, Imam Hussain (AS) blew out the candles and gave his companions and supporters permission to leave, if they wanted to, under the cover of darkness.

All of his companions stayed. They knew that they wanted to do what’s right – to support the Imam (AS), even if they could have left in the darkness, without anyone else knowing.

Our kids know to do what’s right – and especially when we are watching them, they know they need to know what they should, otherwise they will get in trouble.

However, in the darkness, when we cannot see them, they might not do what we want them to.

Here is an activity to discuss this and relate it to Imam Hussain (AS):

  1. Discuss what happened on the night of Ashura in the camp of Imam Hussain (AS). Ask if they want to be like the companions of Imam Hussain (AS) who supported him on the day of Ashura.
  2. Ask them to pick something that is good to do, something that is right, something that Allah (SWT) likes. For example, praying namaz or being kind to their sibling, something age-appropriate and relatable.
  3. Have them DO whatever it is that they chose. For example, start pretend-praying or share a toy with their sibling.
  4. Turn the lights off – ask them what they think they should do, even though it is dark and no one can see them. Should they keep doing what they chose as a good thing to do, or should they stop? Should they quit praying, steal the toy back from their sibling?
  5. Turn the lights back on and discuss – why do they think they should continue to do what’s good, even in the darkness (or why they think they shouldn’t, if that’s what they think.) Have them come to the conclusion that Allah (SWT) is always watching, He always knows what we are doing, even if no one else knows. We should do what is right – for ourselves, and for Allah (SWT). Not for anyone else.

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