Bibi Sakina – A Bird in a Cage

A conversation with my three year old…

Who is our third Imam?

Second is Hassan.

Yep, and who’s our third imam?

Umm, our third imam is Imam Hussain.

Yeah! You got it! High five! Do you remember how we talked about the bad people that hurt Imam Hussain (AS)?


Did you know that Imam Hussain (AS) had a little girl like you?


Yeah, she was a little girl. Her name was Bibi Sakina.

Bibi Sakina.

Yep. And the bad people who hurt Bibi Sakina’s dad, Imam Hussain (AS), they also hurt Bibi Sakina.


Yeah and they closed her and her family in a room and they wouldn’t let them come out.


Yeah, would you like it if you were in a room and you couldn’t come out?


Would you be happy or sad?


So do you think Bibi Sakina was sad too?

Yeah, she was sad.

Did you know, she could see the sky, and she could see the birds flying. Did you see birds yesterday?

Yeah! Sooooo manyyyy birds.

Yeah, she could see the birds flying, and she asked where the birds were going. So they told her that the birds were going home.


Bibi Sakina said that just like the birds are going to their home, I want to go home too!

The birds were going home – Bibi Sakina wanted to go to the bird’s home too!

No no, the birds were going to their home. Bibi Sakina wanted to go to Bibi Sakina’s home!

Oh, Bibi Sakina wanted to go to Bibi Sakina’s home.

Exactly, the bad people wouldn’t let Bibi Sakina go home, and so she was sad.

Yeah that’s saaaaddd.

That’s why we hear Bibi Sakina’s name in so many nohas!

I want to listen to Sakina noha!!

*while listening to her current favorite noha, and processing, and rolling around on my bed*

Bibi Sakina was looking and watching the birds go home. She wanted to go to Bibi Sakina’s home. But she didn’t get to go to Bibi Sakina’s home, so she was sad.

For a second, I felt like I confused her and horrified her and gave her an inaccurate understanding, based on what she said as she was processing. However, as she processed our conversation while listening to the noha, she figured it out. By the end, she understood what I was trying to explain, in an age-appropriate way. She even talked about herself, saying “If I want to go to my home, and I can’t, then I would be sad.”

We listened to the noha a few times, since she is definitely fond of the word “AGAIN!” Afterwards, I told her that we would be making birds, to remember the birds that Bibi Sakina was looking at while she was imprisoned.

We used this template to make our birds. We decorated the birds with glitter, per my daughter’s request.

For older kids, you could make an origami bird, but of course, it was too difficult for my 3 year old.

IMG_4844 (2).jpg

We created the visual of a bird trapped vs. a free bird, and discussed who would be happier and who would be sad. Just like the trapped bird, Bibi Sakina was trapped and couldn’t go to her home.


[This post was inspired by this post and this noha.]

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