Map and Timeline of the Journey of Karbala and its Aftermath

As we approach the Day of Arbaeen, I feel like this is a good time to review everything that the family and friends of Imam Hussain (AS) have endured on their long and difficult journey. As they return to Karbala and then to Madinah, we can review everything that has happened and discuss all the places and struggles of each place that they went through.

To discuss this, we made a map and timeline to visualize their journey.

I used this map, zoomed in to the countries we need. I then traced the countries on to another paper, and drew in the cities that I wanted. I didn’t want the map to have all the other cities and countries that are in this area so that the path that was taken is clearer

For the timeline, you can download the dates and events from the FREE resource library. Sign up here to access it!

If you have already signed up, you can enter the library HERE. Click on “Muharram and Safar,” and click on “Timeline of the Journey of Karbala.”


We cut out each event and taped it to an unfolded paper clip, to use as pointers for each event on their journey.

With the poster board: First, we glued the poster board to a Styrofoam board to make it pokable. Then, we glued the map and each date from the timeline in chronological order, starting from Rajab 28.

map and timeline (2).jpg

Now, you’re ready! On this poster board, we placed each event on the map to discuss its location. Then, we arranged each event in chronological order by matching it with the date that it occurred on.

This way, we could get a visual idea of how far apart all the places are and how long it took to travel this distance. This is also a good revision activity to discuss everything that we’ve learned over the past two months.

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