Learning Kindness from Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

This week, as we discuss the shahadats of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and Imam Hassan (AS), we decided to focus on KINDNESS.

Today, we will be discussing the kindness of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) by reenacting the situation he was in, and discussing how he reacted.

[Complete story here, pg 15]

To summarize, there is an old lady who throws trash at the Holy Prophet (SAW) every day. One day, when she does not throw trash at him, he gets worried and goes to check on her. He finds out that she is sick, and goes to visit her.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is KIND to her. He does not get angry, and he does not take revenge. He is worried for her, and cares for her, even though she was not kind to him.



  1. Pair up the children.
  2. Have each pair crumple a piece of paper, to represent the trash that the lady was throwing.
  3. Making sure that the children know that this is a role play activity and not an opportunity to hurt their partner – tell person A to throw the paper ball at their partner.
  4. Discuss: How did person B feel when they had trash thrown at them? How did they want to react? How did Prophet Mohammed (SAW) react?
  5. Now, person A is sick. Person B goes to visit them to see how they are doing and asks them if they need any help?
  6. Discuss: How does person A feel when person B comes to visit them? How does person B feel? Are they angry? What would you do if someone that had been mean to you gets sick? How would you feel if someone comes to visit you when you are sick?
  7. Now switch: Person B is the one throwing the paper at their partner now, and person B is the one who gets sick. Person A is the KIND person now.
  8. Discuss: Any final thoughts? Did it feel better when you were KIND, or did it feel better when you were mean and throwing paper? How can you apply this in your life, with your siblings or with your friends? How will you react if your classmates are being mean to you – will you try to take revenge, or will you be kind to them, no matter how mean they are being?


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