Allah (SWT) LOVES me!

I believe it’s important to discuss Allah (SWT)’s love for all of us, and I love the idea of comparing it to a mother’s love. As we’ve heard many times, Allah loves us 70 times more than our mother. *I couldn’t find a specific source for the number 70, but it is still a good way to visualize and imagine how much Allah loves us.

Start by discussing how much our parents love us. We talked about ways that parents show love to their children. I asked if our parents love us a little bit or a lot. Using our arms spread out as far as we could go, we decided that our parents love us thaaaaaat much.

We talked about how our parents SHOW us that they love us. I asked for some ways that our parents show us that they love us. For example, parents give hugs, parents make sure that kids have food to eat and clothes to wear, parents help kids whenever they need help, etc.

After discussing all the love that the parents have, give a sticker to the parents for their love. We put one sticker on the paper where it says “A Mother’s Love.”

On the other side of the paper, where it says “Allah (SWT)’s Love,” we put stickers to represent Allah’s love.

For kids that can count to 70, have them put 70 stickers on their paper. For kids that need help counting to 70, you can use the second version instead, which has dots to help place and count the stickers. (It’s good fine-motor practice to put all those stickers!)

IMG_5936 (2).png

When they are finished, talk about how many stickers there are under Allah’s name. Talk about how Allah (SWT) shows us that He loves us. For example, he provides us with food to eat. He gives us water to drink and air to breathe. Allah (SWT) takes care of us, helping us to get better when we are sick. Allah (SWT) listens to us when we ask for something. He has given us a brain so that we can think, legs so that we can walk, eyes so that we can see, teeth so that we can eat, a tongue so that we can talk. Allah (SWT) loves us very much!

At the end, we discussed that Allah’s love is never-ending, and that this is just a way to imagine it.

IMG_5939 (2).png

After we finished, we colored this poster so that we can always remember that Allah (SWT) loves us!


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