Times of Prayer

Another way we played with the PlayDoh earth of the past two posts [one and two] was to explore the timings of the daily prayer. (Maybe I should buy a globe already!)

My daughter knows that we pray daily, and with the help of Zaky, she has learned the times/names of each prayer as well.

As in the previous post, we used a flashlight to represent the sun, and we marked where we are on the earth. We rotated the earth and discussed morning, afternoon, and nighttime. Then we talked about which prayers we pray at which time. It wasn’t perfectly precise of course, but it was as good as we could get with our PlayDoh model.

times collage (3).png

We took this one step further by focusing on Zuhr time. Zuhr time is when the sun is directly overhead, meaning that the shadow would be directly underneath. To experience this, we chose a spot to stand outside on a bright sunny day, and one hour before Zuhr time, we went and found our shadow. At Zuhr time, we again went and compared what happened. After another hour, we went to the same spot, and discovered what happened to the shadow again. In this way, we figured out exactly what “noon” means, and how we can figure out Zuhr time without looking at a clock.



The concept of sundials has always fascinated me, but I’ve never actually seen/used one in person. Have you? How was it? It sounds like such a cool way to tell time. I think that is an experiment I’d like to do when my daughter gets older.

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