Our shadows exist only with us. Our shadows cannot go somewhere that we are not. We have no way of separating ourselves from our shadow, just like we have no way of separating ourselves from Allah (SWT). Sometimes, when it is dark, we cannot see our shadow. When we are feeling lost, we sometimes don’t feel the presence of Allah (SWT). But if we step into the light, our shadow is there, and if we step into the light of guidance, Allah (SWT) is there.

In the Quran, Allah (SWT) says “Do they not see that all the things Allah has created cast their shadows to the right and to the left, prostrating in obeisance to Allah, while they lie abased.” (Holy Quran 16:48)

What a beautiful concept! Everything that Allah (SWT) has created has a shadow, and that shadow is always on the ground, either on the right or the left, doing Sajdah to Allah (SWT). Trees, mountains, even animals – everything has a shadow that is prostrating to Allah (SWT).

No matter what we are doing in our lives, our shadows are with us, doing Sajdah. We could be walking, standing, sitting, busy with our lives, but our shadows are with us always, on the ground, doing Sajdah.

IMG_4709 (2).png


Go outside and find your shadows. A big open area would work best.

Some discussion questions:

  • While you are walking around, where is the shadow?
  • What is the shadow doing?
  • Try running, jumping, sitting. Can you escape your shadow?

Afterwards, have the kids draw a picture of themselves with their shadow to illustrate the ayat. You can download this paper that has the translation of the Ayat and space for them to draw. Here you can download it letter size and here you can download it size A4.


How fascinated are your kids by their shadows? Leave me a comment below and let me know. My daughter LOVES her shadow. She happily jumps with her shadow whenever she gets a chance. We even used to say goodnight to her shadow every night when she was a bit younger.

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