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One way we can remember Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA) every single day is by reciting the Tasbih of Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA) after every prayers. It is said that the daily prayers are like flowers, and the recitation of this Tasbih is what gives these flowers a beautiful smell.

This Tasbih is known as the Tasbih of Bibi Fatemah Zahra (SA) because it was given to her as a gift from her father, Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

Lately, my three year old is obsessed with finding the word “Allah” whenever I read Quran. She pores over the page, and joyfully points out everywhere that she sees it. She can’t read yet, but she has a couple of words that she knows, and this is one of them, thanks to the page with the “Allah” calligraphy in “Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns.”

I knew she would be super-excited to trace the words that we recite in the tasbih, especially because they have the word Allah as part of them, so I created this mini Tasbih book.

IMG_7403 (2).png

Each page has each of the phrases that we recite in tasbih in dotted lines for easy tracing. It also has the number of times that each is to be recited, also in dotted lines. If you want, you can have your child write what each phrase means as well, for a handy translation and reminder.

IMG_7404 (2).png

My daughter will stick this book inside her prayer rug, and will pull it out every time she prays. It’ll make her more excited to recite the tasbih, because she loves having Dua books of her own.

This free download is available in the Resource Library – sign up below to access it!

If you have already signed up, you can enter the library HERE. Click on “Jamadiul Awwal and Jamadiul Akhir,” then click on “Mini Tasbih Booklet.” When you print it out, make sure you choose “booklet” and “double-sided.” After it’s printed, cut along the dotted line and put the two strips together to make a mini 8 page book out of a single sheet of paper.


What other activities have you done with the Tasbih? I’ve always loved the idea of making my own tasbih. I’ve never actually made one for myself, though I’ve helped out in a class that made their own. I’ll definitely be doing this with my daughter once she’s older.

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