Surah Qadr and the Dua of Iftar

At the end of every fast, we remember Allah (SWT) and remind ourself that our fast is for Allah (SWT) and our food for Iftar is from Allah (SWT). The Dua that we recite at the time of breaking our fast reminds us of that.

To learn and practice this Dua of Iftar as well as Surah Qadr, I created these matching games that have both the Arabic text and English translation of both recitations.

IMG_0095 (2).png

Both of these activities are great ways to aid our children in learning the Dua and Surah themselves as well as the translations so that they can understand the significance of these recitations.

Depending on how much your kid knows and/or can read, you can arrange this activity to be appropriate for them. For the youngest kids, you can focus on just a few words to learn, and read through the entire Dua/Surah with them. For kids who are a bit older, you can recite the Arabic for them, and have them arrange the English.  Or you can give them all the separate pieces of paper, and ask them to figure it out. It depends on what level they are ready for.


Both of these activities are available in the Resource Library! To access the library, sign up here:


If you have already signed up, you can enter the library HERE. Once you enter, click on “Ramadhan and Eid,” then click on Dua of Iftar Arabic with Translation and/or Surah Qadr Arabic with Translation.

Did you find this activity useful? I would love to hear how you used it with your child – let me know in the comments below!

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