Daily Ramadhan Dua

During the Holy Month of Ramadhan, one of the Duas that we recite daily after Salaat is a prayer for other people. We remember the sick, the poor, the hungry, even the dead. Remembering and praying for the struggles of people around the world is an important part of our day, and it also leads us to be more grateful for our own blessings.

To interact with this dua, I created a table with a line of the Dua in each box. On top of each box, there is a space to glue the blank paper (which is cut out from the final two pages in the download below). The blank paper will flip up to reveal each line of the dua below. The paper is a space to react to each line of dua – perhaps an illustration or a word to help prompt each line of the dua, or a response to the dua as a diary of sorts.

ramadhan daily dua.png

We recite this Dua daily during Ramadhan, and inshaAllah this activity will foster a greater interaction with this Dua.

P.S. Each table is on two pages, so I cut the margin off the second page and glued it to the bottom of the first page to create a large table rather than two separate tables.

P.P.S. The dua goes right to left, following the Arabic, rather than the English, so I found it helpful to number each box to make it easier to follow the dua.


This interactive flip chart is available for download at the Teaching Young Muslims Resource Library! Enter your name and email address here to receive the password to access these downloads.


Already signed up? Enter the library HERE. Once you enter the library, click on “Ramadhan and Eid” and under “Interactive Daily Ramadhan Dua,” you can choose which size paper you would like to print it out on.


Did you and your kids find it helpful to see this Dua presented in an interactive manner? Let me know below – leave me a comment! I would also love to see your illustrated flip charts!


[Arabic text from duas.org & translation from A Manual of Ramadhan Devotions by Tayyiba Publishers]


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