Generosity with Food!

Imam Hassan (AS) is another extraordinary example of generosity for us. In fact, it is said that our 2nd Imam (AS) gave his entire wealth as charity and started over TWICE.

Imam Hassan (AS) ran a guest house in which he would serve food to the hungry. Go HERE (page 8.37) to read the story.

To imitate the example of Imam Hassan (AS) on his birthday, we can serve food to those who might be hungry around us. Especially since it is Ramadhan, we can give Iftar to those fasting around us, our neighbors, or our friends and family. This is a good way to think about the generosity of serving food to others. In serving others, we can see how happy it makes them, and how much they appreciate a meal from you. Finding a place that serves the poor of your community and volunteering there is another way of practicing the generosity of Imam Hassan (AS).

To simplify this activity even further, for the purposes of my three year old, we used her toys. We served “food” to her furry friends, and discussed the generosity of Imam Hassan (AS) as we did so.

IMG_0176 (2).png

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