Questions for Imam Ali (AS)

Before the shahadat of Imam Ali (AS), he told the people to ask him whatever they wanted to ask him, before they would lose their access to him.

“Ask me before you lose me. By Allah, if you ask me about anything that could happen up to the Day of Judgment, I will tell you about it. Ask me, for, by Allah, you will not be able to ask me a question about anything without my informing you. Ask me about the Book of Allah, for by Allah, there is no verse about which I do not know whether it was sent down at night or during the day, or whether it was revealed on a plain or in a mountain.” (Tarikh al-Khulafa) [SOURCE]

This sentiment is so powerful. Whenever I think of this, I wonder what questions the companions must have asked. I wonder what I would have asked the Imam (AS) if I had this opportunity. Sadly, we do not have this opportunity, not with Imam Ali (AS), and not with our 12th Imam (AS) right now either.

It echoes what we recite in Dua Iftitah every day this month, complaining to Allah (SWT) about our separation from our Imam (AS).

“Oh Allah, we complain to You of the absence of our Prophet, Your blessings be on him and his family, and the concealment of our leader…” (Dua Iftitah)

question (1)As we discuss the shahadat of Imam Ali (AS) and ponder his infinite knowledge and wisdom, have a discussion with your kids. What questions would we have asked the Imams (AS)? What questions do our kids want to ask the Imams (AS)? What are they curious about, that we do not have an answer to, that Imam Ali (AS) would have definitely been able to answer? Keep a running list of their curiosities, and remember the deep sadness we have that we cannot access our Imams (AS).

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