Hazrat Hur (AS) and Forgiveness

One of the lessons we can learn from Hazrat Hur (AS) is that it’s not too late to ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness. Even if you’ve done something that seems unerasable, asking Allah (SWT) for forgiveness can still erase our sins.

To demonstrate this, we used a dry erase board. One the board, we thought of various sins, things that Allah (SWT) does not like for us to do. Every time we thought of one, we colored a little bit of the dry erase board.

IMG_2187 (1).png


When the board was covered, we asked Allah (SWT) for forgiveness and promised Him that we would never do that thing again. We asked Allah (SWT) for forgiveness for each sin that we had colored for, and as we did, we erased a little bit of the board. Soon, the board was clean again.

IMG_2193 (1).png


Alternatively, we also did this activity by writing down each hypothetical sin that we came up with, rather than coloring – basically, we made a list of sins. Then, we asked Allah (SWT) for forgiveness in the same way, and promised that we would never do each sin again.

We discussed how Hazrat Hur (AS) had committed some sins and was hurting Imam Hussain (AS) and his family and friends. However, he realized that he had done something wrong and asked for forgiveness. When he was forgiven, his sins were “erased,” and he became a helper of Imam Hussain (AS).


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