The Decision of Hazrat Hur (AS)

Last month, during the first ten days of Muharram, we did a couple of activities to discuss some of the companions of Imam Hussain (AS). Today, I’m going to post one of those activities.

In Karbala, Hazrat Hur (AS) had a big decision to make. A decision with huge consequences.

On the one hand, Hazrat Hur (AS) could stay where he was, and continue to hurt Imam Hussain (AS) and his family and friends. However, he knew that this decision was sure to lead to Jahannum, or hell-fire.

On the other hand, Hazrat Hur (AS) could go to Imam Hussain (AS) and ask for his forgiveness. He knew that if he did this, he would go to Jannah, or heaven.

Hazrat Hur (AS) could see the two choices he had, and what would happen if he made each choice.

To illustrate this, we made binoculars. Just like we can use binoculars to see far away, we can use THESE binoculars to see the far-reaching consequences of our decisions.

On one side of the binoculars, we drew a picture of fire to represent Jahannum, and on the other side, we drew a picture of trees and flowers to represent Jannah. Please excuse the messy artwork – but it gets the point across!

binoculars 1

Whenever you need to make a decision, you can see the consequences on each side. This can help us make better decisions.

For our binoculars, we made a simple version of what we made in Ramadhan. We used a paper towel roll, cut in half. We taped both halves together in a binocular shape. Then we traced the end of the paper towel roll on a piece of paper and cut the circles. We drew an image on each circle and taped it to one end of the binoculars.

We realized that if we block off the end of the binoculars, then the light is blocked off and we can’t see. It’s obvious in hindsight, but I didn’t realize it until that moment. So to compensate, I taped the images very loosely, only on one side, so we could move and manipulate the flap to allow more light in.

binoculars 2

If I were making these binoculars again, I would use a clear plastic, and draw on it with a permanent marker, without coloring in the illustration completely. That way, light could enter through the clear plastic, to make the binoculars more useful.

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