Can’t Block the Light of Guidance

No matter how hard the enemies of Islam tried, they could not block the light of guidance from spreading and reaching us, even hundreds of years later.

After Karbala, Yazid tried to prevent the spread of the message of Islam by imprisoning the Ahlul Bayt. However, even from inside the prison, their guidance still spread, and their message has still sturvived to this day.

To illustrate this, we used a group of candles and flashlights to represent Imam Ali Zainul Abideen (AS), Bibi Zainab (SA), and the rest of their family that were imprisoned with him. We put a basket on top of this to represent the prison where the family members of Imam Hussain (AS).

Obviously, the basket had holes, so the light of guidance could still escape the “prison.”

IMG_2586 (1)

We then covered the basket further with a black cloth to block the holes, explaining that Yazid tried everything he possibly could to prevent the family from spreading the Truth and guiding everyone.

IMG_2587 (1) (1)

We even doubled the cloth, covering the lights with two layers of darkness.

IMG_2588 (1) (1)

However, the light still is visible from outside. Allah (SWT) gave Imam Hussain (AS) victory by protecting the Message of Islam – no matter what Yazid tried to do.


Another activity similar to this is when we discussed the Ghaibat of our 12th Imam (AS). You can find that activity here.


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