Who Should We Follow?

There are so many people in this world right now, billions and billions of people. If we look throughout history, there are billions and billions more.

How do we choose the people that we should consider to be our role models? Who should we strive to be like?

To illustrate this dilemma, we used stickers. Lots and lots of star stickers.

We used stars that are colorful or shiny, and we used stars that glow in the dark, even though they aren’t as pretty on the surface. We scattered the stars all over a sheet of paper.

IMG_2688 (1).png

We then took a moment’s break from the stars and discussed the qualities that we would like for our leaders to have. Keeping in mind the “Follow the Leader” activity from yesterday, we discussed that we would like to follow someone who is kind and generous. We want to follow someone who would help us make good decisions.

We then came back to the stars and discussed which ones are the brightest and prettiest, which ones are our favorite. Then we turned the lights off and saw that all of the stars disappeared, especially all of the brightest colors. The only stars we could see now were the glow-in-the-dark ones.

IMG_2691 (1).png

How do we know who to follow? We should follow the people who will shine the brightest in times of darkness, in times of difficulty. We can decide who to follow by focusing on their substance. Will they be kind and generous and make good decisions in times of hardship? Or are they simply beautiful on the surface, and in difficulties, they disappear?

Afterwards, we also tied in a science lesson, by discussing how back in the time of the Prophet (SAW), they did not have cars or airplanes; instead, they rode camels and horses. They didn’t have electricity, which meant that they did not have lights. They didn’t have GPS on their phones – they didn’t even have phones. That meant that if they went somewhere at night, perhaps on a camel in the desert or on a boat in the ocean, they had to navigate using stars. The stars that shone the brightest are the ones that lit the way to guide them to wherever they wanted to go.

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