Standing Up for Fadak

After the death of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Bibi Fatemah (SA) had to make a stand against the oppressors. She did not hesitate to stand for her rights. She was strong and truthful, and stood up for what she knew was right.

To illustrate this, I was inspired by Islam from the Start’s post about Imam Hussain (AS). He also stood against oppression.

We adapted this activity for Bibi Fatemah (SA). We decorated the inside of the card with a garden, because one of the things that Bibi Fatemah (SA) stood up for was her rights to the Garden of Fadak.

We cut a slit in the card to make it pop up, and we put a person on that pop. At the top half of the card, we used a quote bubble to say “Don’t be mean.”

IMG_6486 (1).png

We discussed how the Prophet (SAW) had given the Garden of Fadak to Bibi Fatemah (SA) as a gift, and after the Prophet (SAW)’s death, the “mean people” took away the garden. Bibi Fatemah (SA) was brave and strong, and stood up for what was right against the “mean people.”

For older kids, you can say “I stand up for my rights.” or you can include a portion of her sermon, where she asks “Is it right that I should not get my inheritance?” I like the information here.

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