A Heart Full of Love

Bibi Fatemah (SA) had a big heart filled with love. She loved her family – her parents, her husband, her kids. She loved her friends and companions. And she even loved us!

For our activity, we cut out a heart, and started writing names of people that Bibi Fatemah (SA) loved.

We wrote out the names of her family members, and we also included characteristics that she loved, such as people who are generous and people who do good things.

IMG_6738 (1).png

Then, we discussed that Bibi Fatemah (SA) loves us! She loves us so much that she prayed for us. She loves that we remember Imam Hussain (AS) and cry for him.

Keeping in mind that Bibi Fatemah (SA) loves us, we then discussed how we can honor this love that she has for us. We should remember her and try to be like her. We should try to never do things that she would not like.


We used the heart we made for the activity in Kisa Kids Fatimiyya Project Booklet as another point of discussion of the love of Bibi Fatemah (SA), and how, though her life was short, she continues to touch our hearts today.

IMG_6737 (1).png

We glued the two hearts together back-to-back, punched a hole in the top and put a yarn through to hang up, as a visual reminder of the love of Bibi Fatemah (SA).


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