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I love birthdays. Growing up, we normally did not make a huge deal about birthdays, with parties and gifts, but it was still a special day. We always chose our own cake, and we always felt special on that day.

However, it wasn’t just one birthday. We “celebrated” our Islamic birthday too! One of my favorite things growing up was having two birthdays. I had TWO days that were extra-special for me!

(And for those years that our birthdays fell during the months of Muharram or Safar, we made a bigger deal of our Islamic birthdays.)

I’ve continued that with my daughter – she was born two days after Eid, so we always do a little something special for her on that day. Nothing major, but special nevertheless.

Do YOU celebrate your kid’s Islamic birthday? Do you know when it is?! If you don’t, you can find out at sites like Islamic Finder or IslamiCity. (When I tried my birthday on here, they both gave me different days. Moon issues and whatnot. If that happens to you… choose either day? I guess? For whatever it’s worth, Islamic Finder gave me the correct date, while IslamiCity was a day ahead.)

ACS_0018 (1).png


This free download is available in the Resource Library – sign up here:

If you have already signed up, you can enter the library HERE. Click on “Other Activities,” and click on the paper size you want under “Islamic Birthdays.”


Here’s my daughter’s “decorated” version:

ACS_0017 (1).png

Make a big deal about it. Make it fun and exciting! Figure out how many days are left until their Islamic birthday. Which birthday is coming up sooner? How old are they be according to the two different calendars?

Fun side-note – since the lunar year is shorter, your kid will turn the next year older SOONER according to the Islamic calendar. Kids are always in a hurry to grow up, so this is a definite perk for them!


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I’m curious – do YOU celebrate Islamic birthdays in your home? If yes, what do you do to celebrate? If not, do you think you might start? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Islamic Birthdays

  1. We have always celebrated Our children’s Islamic birthdays.
    English date birthday at school and islamic date birthday at madrassah.

    1. I love that! We’ve always only celebrated Islamic birthday at home, but I love the idea of celebrating it at madrassah. I’m feeling inspired to do something fun for my daughter’s birthday now 💜

  2. I love it! At times I would wonder if I’m the only one who is celebrating both my girls’ birthday twice! 1 daughter was born on 13th Rajab (Imam Ali a.s.) and the other on 9th Rajab (by some reviyat, its the birth of Baby Ali Asghar a.s. Imam Hussain a.s. youngest son)!

    1. You’re definitely not the only one! ☺️ Mine is also Rajab – the 7th! I feel like sharing a birthday with an important person/event in Islam gives you a unique connection with them so that’s so amazing that both of your daughters have such special birthdays 💜

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