Reflections on Nahjul Balagha

As we discuss Imam Ali (AS), we can learn so much from his life and his words. His quotes in Nahjul Balagha are so powerful and important for us to reflect on.

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This booklet has some of my personal favorite quotes from Nahjul Balagha, with space below them to reflect.

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I love activities like this, because it’s not enough to just read a quote from Imam Ali (AS). It is MORE important to think about what we are reading, and reflect on it. We can think of ways we have experienced what is in the quote, and how we can apply it in our lives. We can consider what questions we have after reading it, and what images or stories come up in our mind. The more we reflect on a quote, the more we will remember it and the more we will be able to improve our lives with it. (A similar activity can be found for Dua-e-Iftitah HERE.)

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Of course, this activity is more for older kids – you can decide if it is appropriate for a kid based on their critical thinking skills. However, as always, you can adapt it for younger kids by having a discussion about a specific quote, and helping them through their thoughts. (This journal can be great for adults as well! Critical thinking is great for us all!) 🙂

To download this booklet, go to the Teaching Young Muslims Resource Library! Enter your name and email address here to receive the password to access these downloads.


Already signed up? Enter the library HERE. Once you enter the library, click on “Ramadhan and Eid” and scroll down to “Reflections on Nahjul Balagha.” (Make sure you choose the option to print BOOKLET.) There are a few extra empty pages at the end of the journal, that can be used to write down some more quotes to reflect on, or as extra space to continue writing.


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