Favorite Ramadhan Nasheeds

One of my favorite ways to build excitement for Ramadhan in my home is by listening to our favorite nasheeds. Every time we are doing an activity to prepare for Ramadhan, I love to listen to nasheeds. I have shared a list of favorites previously, but I wanted to add to that list! Some of the ones we have been listening to repeatedly include:

Ramadan Moon:

Knock Knock It’s Ramadan:

We’ve Scanned the Sky:

Welcome O Ramadan:

Ramadan, We are One:

It’s that Time of Year Again:

Hear me Beat my Drums:

Ramadan is on its Way:

Apart from these, there are many nasheeds that we love listening to that aren’t specifically ABOUT Ramadhan, but are related to things that are still important during this holy month.

Months in Islam:

Five Daily Prayers:

Pizza in his Pocket:

What Did I Do Today?

Wings Against My Window:

A Little Sadaqa:

Give a Little:

And our current, absolute, all-time favorite is Cotton Candy Sky:

As Ramadhan passes, I will start to incorporate more Eid nasheeds as well! Our favorite Eid nasheeds include:

It’s Eid Day:

Takbir of Eid:


Happy listening! 🙂

Are there any nasheeds that you love that I’ve missed? Leave me a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Ramadhan Nasheeds

  1. Such a wonderful list! Thank you for sharing. I will add to this – Allah made everything and 25 Prophets also by Zain Bhikha.

    1. We love Allah Made Everything!! Haven’t listened to 25 Prophets — I’ll look for that one ☺️ Thank you 💜

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