Allah Loves Me More!

When my daughter was younger, we started having conversations about how much Allah loves us.

A typical conversation starts with us trying to one-up each other and playing with numbers.

“I love you”

“I love you too.”

“I love you three.”

“I love you 382.”

“I love you 729.”

“I love you ONE THOUSAND.”

“I love you 1006.”

“But Allah loves me more, right?”

“Yeah, Allah loves you SO much more than I do. I love you SO much, but Allah loves us EVEN more.”


The conversation inevitably continues into…

“WHY does Allah love us so much?”

“Because He made us!”

“Just like He made the… (whatever’s on her mind – trees, sky, beach, waterfall, etc.)”

[Activity for this second part of the conversation coming soon, inshaAllah!]


I really liked Muslim Children’s Books video that made me realize the importance of discussing Allah (SWT)’s love for us.

So, we started having conversations like this almost daily, ever since my daughter began to understand that there are numbers out there bigger than one hundred. These conversations have been really educational in terms of math and numbers as well as for their initial purpose of discussing Allah (SWT)’s love for us. (It’s fascinating to see her comprehension of numbers evolve, just through these conversations, because she comes up with some creative numbers herself now. When we started, she didn’t know how “big numbers” worked and would just copy whatever number I chose.)

Allah Loves Me More poster

To go with this conversation, I made a poster for my daughter to decorate, so that it could be a visual reminder of Allah (SWT)’s love that she can hang up in her room and see every day.

You can download this poster in the FREE Resource Library. To access it, sign up here:

If you’ve already signed up, you can enter the library HERE. Click on “Other Activities,” and download the size you prefer under “Allah Loves Me MORE.”


Previously, we did an activity with stickers to discuss how Allah (SWT) loves us 70 times more than a mom. You can find that activity here!


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