Allah (SWT) Made Everything!

When my daughter was younger, we would have daily discussions on our evening walks about how Allah (SWT) made EVERYTHING. He made the trees, the sky, the animals, the flowers.

However, since we say that He made everything, it became a bit confusing for my daughter.

Did He make the sidewalk? The cars? The lines on the road? What about our house?

Well no, people made that.

But then why do we say that Allah (SWT) made everything?

So then we started talking about how Allah (SWT) made people, and how he gave us our brains and our hands and our eyes and our ears. He made the trees that we can use for wood. He made the sheep, whose wool we can use. He made seeds, that we can plant, to grow the plants we eat for food, to grow the plants we use for cotton to make our clothes. Without Allah (SWT), we wouldn’t be able to make anything, eat anything, do anything.

To make this more visual, we created a giant chart that we put up in my daughters room. On one side, we created a list of things that Allah (SWT) has created. On the other side, we made a list of things that people make. Once we had a sizeable list, we discussed how everything that we create, would not be possible without the things that Allah (SWT) has created. We must use our brains to come up with new ideas, we must use our hands to build things, we must use the natural resources around us to make whatever we want to make.

Allah Made vs. People Made

My favorite example was the pizza – to make pizza, we need wheat that comes from plants that Allah (SWT) has made, we need salt that Allah (SWT) has made, we need cheese that comes from cows that Allah (SWT) has made, we need tomato sauce that comes from tomatoes that Allah (SWT) has made.

These are big topics that can be intimidating to discuss with our little ones, so I hope this gives you some inspiration and helps you out! Let me know your thoughts and if this helped you, by commenting below or messaging me on Instagram or Facebook!

P.S. I can’t say the words “Allah Made Everything” without thinking about Zain Bhikha’s nasheed of the same title! One of our absolute favorites! And in hindsight, that song was probably what started these daily discussions in the first place. If you’ve never heard it, you definitely should listen to it below!

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