Some time ago, we watched the Noor Kids storytime about the planet Earth and how Allah (SWT) made the Earth perfect for us to live on, and we must take care of it. In the video, he talks about how Mars is too cold for humans to live on, and Venus is too hot for humans to live on. At that time, my daughter only partially understood the talk of other planets and their location in relation to the sun, but she did understand that Allah (SWT) made the Earth perfect for us to live on. Not too hot, not too cold – just right. SubhanAllah.

I wanted to extend that and discuss how Allah (SWT) made everything perfectly. Depending on the age of your child, you could discuss the water cycle, and the cycle of the Earth around the sun, and other natural process.

I wanted to limit the discussion to ourselves. Human beings.

Allah (SWT) made US perfectly. SubhanAllah. Alhamdulillah.

The basics include our eyes, our nose, our mouth, our ears, our hands, our legs… but I wanted to go deeper. Allah (SWT) gave us eyelashes and eyebrows to protect our eyes. Allah (SWT) made us sweat so that we can cool down. Allah (SWT) made our digestive systems perfect. Allah (SWT) gave us bones and muscles so that we can move our hands and feet. Allah (SWT) gave us vocal cords that vibrate when we talk.

I wanted to do mini-activities to help my daughter experience all of the mini-miracles that happen within our bodies every single day.

We talked about our eyelids and eyelashes and eyebrows. I told her to look at me, and then sprayed her face with water. It was an automatic reaction – she closed her eyes.

We also discussed our vocal cords. If we put our hands on our throats while we talk, we can feel our throats vibrate. That didn’t happen by accident – Allah (SWT) made these vibrations possible inside us so that we can talk. Otherwise, our voice wouldn’t work.

Another easy one is to put our hands on the muscles of our arm, and then move our arm. We’re not specifically moving these muscles, we’re just moving our arms. But Allah (SWT) made these muscles inside us that move when we want to move our arms, to make this movement possible. Otherwise – our arms would not work.

Another example is how our body is strong and smart, and it heals cuts and scrapes that we might have on our skin. The process of how a scab forms and how the skin heals under it is so fascinating to my daughter.

After discussing these, I asked my daughter for an example, and she talked about her stomach. She focused on how our stomach holds food, but I elaborated on that with the process of digestion and how our stomach crushes the food that we eat and our body uses the nutrients and vitamins from our food. She was fascinated by the fact that she doesn’t have to tell her stomach what to do – we could be sleeping, and our stomach would still be working hard to digest the food in our stomach.

To further our discussions, my daughter colored this poster and we put it in a prominent place in her room. I want this to be a reminder in her room, as she grows up. If she’s ever feeling down about herself, I want this to be a reminder that Allah (SWT) made us with love, and that He made us PERFECTLY.

Note: After my daughter painted this, I thought about it and I think it is more accurate to say that Allah (SWT) made us perfectly, not perfect. The way that He created us, the way that He made us – is perfect. We, ourselves, are flawed humans, imperfect. We make mistakes. We are not perfect. The poster that is available for download reflects that change.

“Allah (SWT) made me PERFECTLY.”

“Allah (SWT) loves me, and He made me perfectly.”

“I can do it, because Allah (SWT) made me perfectly.”

This poster is available for download in the Free Resource Library – you can sign up for that here:

If you’ve already signed up, you can enter the library HERE. Click on “Other Activities,” and download the size you prefer under “Allah Made Me PERFECTLY.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on these discussions – are there any other big topics that you want to discuss with your children? Did you have this discussion? How did it go? Leave a comment below or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

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