In Islam, when we want to thank someone, we don’t just say “thank you.” We say JazakAllah. But have we ever stopped to ponder the beauty of this? JazakAllah isn’t just your average thanks. It’s a prayer! JazakAllah means “May Allah reward you.” Whenever someone helps us or gives us something, we are deeply grateful. … Continue reading JazakAllah

Right & Left

Lately, we’ve been discussing right and left, especially when we go on our evening walks around the neighborhood. To help my daughter learn her left and right, I decided that she needed a visual that she could see daily so that she can review the concept herself. We traced her hands, labeled them with a  … Continue reading Right & Left

Spinner of Sneezes

“Ah-choo! Mama, say YARHAMAKULLAH. Yarhamakullah.” Every time my daughter sneezes, she reminds me to say Yarhamakullah. She hates to say Alhamdulillah when she sneezes. She prefers to say Yarhamakullah too. Apparently Yarhamakullah is a more fun word. I guesss? She’s two. She has strong opinions. About everything. Let’s practice the etiquettes of sneezing! Start with … Continue reading Spinner of Sneezes